Microsoft has a clever plan to secure Windows 10 devices


Microsoft is soon going to make it compulsory for the manufacturers of Windows 10 PCs, tablets and smartphones to include TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for bolstered security.

In a TechNet post which covered the topic of TPM 2.0 compliance for Windows 10 devices in the future, Microsoft said it would be introducing the cast-iron requirement for systems to include TPM on the day before the anniversary of Windows 10’s launch.

Redmond stated: “All shipping devices for Windows 10 across all SKU types must be using TPM 2.0 discrete or firmware from July 28, 2016. This requirement will be enforced through our Windows Hardware Certification program.”


Leaked Sony Xperia C6 photos show a gargantuan handset with a no-compromise front camera

Leaked Sony Xperia C6 photos show a gargantuan handset with a no-compromise front camera

A fresh leak from Asia claims to reveal live photos of an upcoming Sony smartphone with a large display and a front-facing camera flash. If these photos are authentic, then we’re probably looking at a Sony Xperia C6 prototype.

Faced with declining smartphone sales, Sony adopted a conscious shift towards profitability instead of raw sales numbers in the past couple of years. However, although Sony’s mobile arm is now focusing on fewer devices, the company does not fully adopt Apple’s premium-only strategy. Perhaps Sony’s most interesting non-premium smartphone series is the Xperia C line-up, which consists out mid-range devices with the uncommon feature of a front-facing flash.

The most recent member of Sony’s Xperia C series is the C5 Ultra, which launched back in August 2015. Back in late January, rumors suggested that Sony will unveil a spiritual successor to the C5 Ultra – which might land as the Xperia C6 – at MWC 2016 in Barcelona. At the event, however, Sony surprised a lot of people by announcing a new smartphone series, the upcoming Xperia X handsets.

Since then, the rumored Xperia C6 (or perhaps C6 Ultra) has fallen off the radar. However, today’s leak brings the phone back into attention and also raises some interesting questions.

Unfortunately, the source of these leaked photos does not mention too many details about the phone except the fact that it has a 6-inch display and that it is a mid-range product. Looking at the photos, the phone does match the previously-leaked Xperia C6 renders. Furthermore, the handset also has a large camera sensor on the front flanked by what appears to be an LED flash, all of the trademarks of a Sony Xperia C phone.

Other elements that the photos reveal are a curved back and a curved front panel, a combination that reminds us of Sony’s upcoming Xperia XA, as well as very slim side bezels, which make the phone look similar to the Sony Xperia C6 Ultra.

Apple may soon let you hide unwanted iPhone apps

Good news, iOS users! You may soon be able to get rid of that folder that everyone has called “Useless apps”. At least, that’s what some lines of code are indicating that Apple has planned for some future update of iOS. Now, it’s just a matter of how long we may have to wait before the feature is released to the public.

Some code hunters found in iTunes that Apple had added new keys to iTunes metadata that imply Apple is working on allowing users to hide stock apps. The specific keys are: “isFirstParty” and “isFirstPartyHideableApp,” Of course, you’ll notice that “hideable” is not the same as being able to remove an app that you don’t want.
Tim Cook previously explained that the option for removing a stock iOS app was a complicated issue because “some apps that are linked to something else on the iPhone. If they were to be removed they might cause issues elsewhere on the phone.” So, it appears that the way around that issue is to allow users to hide stock apps not remove them.
The smart money is that this new feature will be part of iOS 10 which means most users will have to wait a while. iOS 10 is undoubtedly going to be announced in beta as part of Apple WWDC in June, but it won’t be going for a full release until September, if Apple’s usual time table holds.
source: AppAdvice via The Verge