Sony Mobile Division Loses Money



Sony has released numerous good to excellent smartphones over the last year, but the company just cannot catch a break. Its devices for one reason or another are not finding a consistent consumer base, even if some of them deserve to be more popular. The company’s mobile Xperia division slipped as a result, but Sony still turned in net and operating profit thanks to its flying games (PlayStation), and entertainment businesses.

The mobile business is struggling with an operating loss of $544 million throughout 2015, which missed Sony’s own predictions by a massive 57.4%. Regarding its mobile business Sony said the “strategic decision not to pursue scale in order to improve profitability” did not work as planned. In the fiscal year revenue fell a manageable 1.3% to $71.7 billion, while the image sensor division (devices unit) lost $253 million through the year. The company puts this down to a lowering of demand and a $528 million impairment charge. Sony’s image sensors component business has been thriving in recent years, but it is possible that this division will see an ebb and flow as demand increases and decreases.


5 ways Huawei can make a 5 star phone


When it comes to smartphones, the company you invariably think of first is Apple, and then perhaps Samsung, as the South Korean firm is the largest phone manufacturer out there, and is responsible for the flagship Galaxy line. Then there’s the likes of LG and HTC.

One company that probably wouldn’t be first to mind though is Huawei. Despite its low profile in western markets, amazingly it is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in terms of sales. You might not even know how to pronounce the name – it’s Wah-way.

The problem is the company has never really managed to create a truly great phone – many of its releases now, including most recently the Huawei P9 and Huawei P9 Plus, have been very good, but not brilliant. So what can be done? Here’s five things the company could do that might finally mean it makes a five-star phone.