Face recognition and improved 3D Touch tipped for the iPhone 8


All kinds of rumors are swirling about what Apple has planned for the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 7S (or both – no one’s quite sure about the names yet). Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has just revealed his latest predictions, and as he has a decent track record in the past, they’re worth paying attention to.

Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple is looking to improve security on the 2017 iPhones with the introduction of a facial recognition system that will spot who you are and unlock or lock the handset accordingly. It might work alongside rather than replace the Touch ID system that recognizes fingerprints, at least to begin with.

The KGI analyst also repeats rumors we’ve heard before about the iPhone 8 coming with a curved OLED screen. That’s going to require some significant manufacturing skill, says Ming-Chi Kuo, but he thinks Apple and its suppliers can pull it off.