This Samsung app is getting a legendary roasting inside the Google Play store!


Madness, they say, is like gravity. It only takes a little push! Well, it looks like the Samsung Push app, which is the notification service Samsung made because there always has to be a Samsung alternative to every stock Android app/service you can think of, gave users a tad too much pushing.

The app is getting a legendary roasting inside the Google Play Store reviews section, with people deeming it the greatest thing in self-motivation and lifestyle accomplishment since Ekhart Tholle. This is Internet mob justice at its finest!

Samsung could probably fill a book with the quotes and release it as an almanac to be given out at the corporate Christmas party. Although we can’t help but feel users will be happier with an Uninstall button instead!

Anyway, here are some choice bits to get you going and do head to the Play Store if you have a few minutes to kill.

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